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a love letter to moms...

As Mother’s Day approaches, I’m finding myself thinking of all the moms I talked to in the past year who found themselves in cycles of overwhelm and feeling not enough. I’m also feeling so much compassion for moms everywhere (including myself) who are so fatigued from the challenges the pandemic continues to bring.

Here’s a message I wrote with these moms in mind:

I see you. You are doing SO MUCH. It’s ok that you’re overwhelmed – you have a right to be. You are juggling so much. And you are doing a beautiful job. You are doing your best and that’s enough.

So take the pressure off of yourself. You are always pushing and striving to DO MORE and you’re so hard on yourself for what doesn’t get done. You hold yourself to impossible standards. But this is not helpful.

Whatever stage you’re in, it is temporary. You may be dealing with newborns, toddlers or teens. You may be sandwiched between taking care of your own parents as well as your family. What a unique challenge each stage provides! Remember, this too will pass.

Look for the good. Above all, the connection you have with your children is the most sacred thing you can create. Not structure. Not control. Not obedience. Not discipline. Not achievement. Connection.

Be open to the beauty. The love. The joy. They all coexist along with the challenges. Be careful not to miss them. The more you see them and appreciate these moments, the more likely you are to create more beauty, more love, more joy.

Above all, be gentle with yourself. Be kind. When you are gentle and kind with yourself, when you accept YOURSELF as you are, you are more open to kindness, gentleness and acceptance of your kids – exactly as they are.

You are the energetic hub of your family. There’s nothing you do as a mom that’s more important than taking care of yourself, your energy and your inner spirit.

It is an imperfect journey. You will make so many mistakes. But if you are open and willing to look within, it can be the most fulfilling and impactful journey of your life. Motherhood holds the power to wake us up to who WE really are.

On every Mother’s Day, my heart also goes out to those who have lost their children, to those who have lost their moms, and to those who are still waiting for their children to come into their lives.

Sending love and compassion to all,



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