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Back to school sucks!😆

Every year as the new school year approaches, I start feeling a lot of angst. First, I have to witness the dread my kids feel, which is never fun.

And then there's always an extra layer of melancholy about the passage of time and the aging of my children. This year, with my daughter being a sophomore (which means driving soon and so much more independence) and my son going into his senior year (hello, he's actually getting ready to LEAVE), I am feeling some extra heaviness.

I know from watching other families who have already experienced this life stage, that IT WILL ALL BE OK. My relationships with my kids will continue to evolve and grow. We will still have plenty of time together. Nothing is over - other than this particular phase.

I know that just like all the other transitions in our lives, the new phase will undoubtedly bring its own gifts, its own beauty, its own unique magic. I am reminding myself to be open and to accept this transition.

Of course, I'm going to feel whatever emotions come up. I'm sure there will be tears! And then, I will remember that the more I'm able to let go and release the past, the more I'm able to be present in these moments we're in. The more open I am to allow what's coming in the future, the less anxiety, sadness, grief and overall angst I feel.

How are you with back to school? What transitions are you in? Where are you being invited to let go? What can you bring acceptance to?

Love and light,



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