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This year has been a doozy!

You may have heard me share that I’m a big believer that life brings us the experiences that are best for the evolution of our consciousness. To me this means that whatever we’re experiencing is what we’re meant to experience – that it’s here for our growth and our highest good.

2022 has definitely brought some growth opportunities for me. After breaking both my wrists and having surgery on them, more challenges showed up in my life. First, I got Covid. Luckily it was a mild case, but it was another obstacle added to my body and my life. Then, after many weeks of healing – and just as life felt like it was returning to normal, our dog (who is only 2) suddenly, inexplicably got seriously ill. He spent 5 nights in ICU at the emergency vet and we spent several days frozen in fear of losing him. Thankfully, he is doing so much better now and has been healing at home for the past few weeks.

For now, the traumas are over (knock on wood), but I think my body is still recovering. I’ve been feeling like there’s a cloud within my body and my brain that’s keeping me moving slowly. I know I’ve been through a lot this year, so I’m trying to be patient as I give my body some extra time to recalibrate – while still managing life with 2 busy teens with full basketball schedules.

I'm fully aware that in the scheme of things, these are minor challenges. I know so many people are dealing with far more serious difficulties. I share this with you because no matter what you're going through, you might need encouragement to take things more slowly. I know from working with women that we can feel so much pressure to always be productive and to look only for what we’ve accomplished.

I think one of my biggest invitations during this period has been to look at that tendency with open eyes. Is it true that I’m supposed to always be productive? What does it mean if I haven’t accomplished what I wanted? Am I still valuable? Worthy? OK?

I certainly haven’t accomplished any of what I thought I would this year – it just hasn’t been in my bandwidth. Instead of beating myself up, I’m choosing to believe that it’s simply not the time to achieve those things.

Are you in a similar situation? What if you let go of the pressure to be productive at all times? What if you accepted that you’re exactly where you’re meant to be? Could you be more gentle and compassionate with yourself?

I hope hearing about my experiences and what I've learned from them will serve you in your own life. And I hope to be in more frequent communication with you soon!

Love and light,



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