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Free 7-Day Program
Inner Calm

practical tools and grounding practices to settle your nervous system, quiet your racing mind, and drastically reduce the sense of overwhelm in your life 


This free, 7-day program, sent straight to your inbox, is for you if… 

  • you’re juggling so much and feeling overwhelmed by all that’s on your to-do list 

  • you get caught up worrying about the state of the world and other things you can’t control 

  • you haven’t returned to “normal” since the pandemic 

  • you have trouble shutting your brain down at night so that you can get a good night’s sleep 

  • you’re open to experimenting with different approaches 

Get access to this program now!

If you’ve been waiting for the outside world to calm down so that you can feel better, I’m inviting you to try something new. 


The truth of the matter is that if we want our lives to feel calmer, we must choose to create the calm that we seek. 


Life isn’t slowing down. The chaos in the world is on a continuous loop. The only way I know to gain some ground is to rewire your inner system and to create a sense of calm from the inside out. 

about this program

You will receive one short email from me each day for 7 days that contains a simple action to help you shift your state from overwhelmed and anxious to calm and centered. 


These are my go-to practices when I’m feeling anxious or fearful. They will take you from feeling frazzled to grounded in just a few short minutes each day.  


why I created this program

Everywhere I turn, I hear people talking about how anxious they feel right now. Since the pandemic, nothing feels normal anymore. The uncertainty in our world has so many of us feeling that we’re on shaky ground, overwhelmed and unable to calm ourselves down. 


As someone who suffered from fear and anxiety for most of my life, I’ve done plenty of experimenting with different tools and practices to help calm my system. What I know is that it’s not enough to try to change our thoughts alone. We must involve the mind, the body AND the spirit in order to break the pattern of stress. 


I’ve picked a handful of my favorite state-shifting, life-changing practices for this program. I can’t wait to hear which tools work the best for you! 

Get access to this program now!

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