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Stress Less & Love More

a 5-week guidance system designed to help you elevate your energy so you can stop the cycle of stress, overwhelm & depletion and start living with more love, meaning & joy

This program is for you if...

  • your to-do list is in a continuous loop in your head and keeps getting longer no matter how hard you work

  • you take care of everyone else's needs first and save yourself for last

  • you can't relax even when you get the chance

  • you have trouble staying calm with your loved ones

  • you beat yourself up when anything goes wrong

  • you find yourself waiting for the other shoe to drop even when things are going well

  • you want to stop the constant state of stress but you don't know HOW


Why I Created This Course

In January of 2020, I interviewed a group of women to find out what felt the most challenging in their lives. The overwhelming majority of those women all said the same thing: juggling all the different areas of their lives and dealing with the busyness and stress they felt. They shared how they never slowed down and how they put themselves last as they took care of everything else in their lives. They were exhausted, depleted, and they weren’t really enjoying time spent with the people they loved the most. Almost every single one of them talked about how they felt like they weren’t doing a good job at anything and how guilty they felt for everything. 


Since the pandemic, these feelings seemed to have skyrocketed for women. Life feels so much more stressful. Anxiety is at an all-time high. The world events of the past few years have made everything feel even heavier.  


How do we break this cycle?  

Ready to Stress Less & Love More?

I have spent the last 25 years learning how our minds, bodies and spirits work together to create our experiences, and I've been honing holistic practices to create change that affects every layer of our being. 

Stress Less & Love More will help you go from overwhelmed & depleted to joyful and full of energy. You will learn powerful tools & techniques to rewire your brain and reset your nervous system so you can FEEL the shift in your energy and watch in amazement how it ripples out into every area of your life.

About this program:

MODULE 1: CONNECTION Get reacquainted with yourself & your desires. 


MODULE 2: ENERGY Take steps to elevate your energy.  


MODULE 3: VIBRATION Learn to shift your vibration and feel better. 


MODULE 4: EGO VS. SPIRIT Understand who you really are and tap into your inner spirit. 


MODULE 5: SELF-LOVE Be kinder to yourself  and taking loving care of your mind, body & spirit.


I know you’re busy and overwhelmed with the demands of life! Although this course is 5 weeks long, it will only take a few minutes of your day to shift your energy and make a lasting impact on your life. Each module addresses a layer of the contributing causes of stress, overwhelm and depletion and includes perspectives and tools to help you shift out of those states and into feelings of calm, love and joy.


My hope is that by the end of this course, you will not only feel LESS STRESS but you will… 


love yourself... 

love your people…  

love your life…  


even more. 

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