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Can gratitude change your life? I say yes....

November is around the corner which means people everywhere are starting to talk about gratitude.

I’ve shared this personal story before. I discovered gratitude at the perfect time in my life. I was newly married, and my husband and I were having a challenging year filled with arguments, misunderstandings and lots of hurt feelings.

Sometime during that year, I heard about gratitude journaling on the Oprah Show and decided to try it for myself. Each day, I would write 5 random things I was grateful for. I usually included one thing I appreciated about my husband. Sometimes I shared it with him, but most of the time I just kept it to myself.

Within a short period of time, everything shifted. We found ourselves in a new marriage - this one was filled with compassion, understanding and appreciation. The difference felt like nothing short of a miracle. Even better, the change was lasting.

It wasn’t just my marriage that improved. I later noticed that every area of my life felt better. Nothing had changed externally and yet everything was different. Life felt richer, fuller and more meaningful.

I have continued to use gratitude in my life from that point on. Gratitude has helped me through the most challenging times in my life. It has formed the beautiful relationships I have with my kids. It has shifted me as a person over and over again.

I don’t want to just tell you about gratitude. I want you to experience its power for yourself.

I’m offering a guided gratitude journey for the month of November. Each day, you will receive a message containing a gratitude prompt and an invitation to spend 5 minutes writing in a journal.

The experience is designed to help you…

· retrain your brain to look for the good

· expand your gratitude reach by exploring many areas of your life

· anchor the feeling of appreciation in your body

· revisit the past with the lens of gratefulness

· carry the feeling of gratitude with you throughout your day

· increase your sense of abundance as you stack the experiences throughout the month

· develop the HABIT of appreciating what’s right in your world

· implement a gratitude practice you can easily continue

To learn more and sign up, click here.

I can't wait to hear how this adventure changes YOU.

Love and light,



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