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milestones, meditations and metamorphosis

We’ve been experiencing some big milestones, big changes and big feelings in my world.

First, my husband turned 50, which was a special and meaningful event. Planning his birthday, surprising him with some of his favorite people and celebrating him gave me a lot of joy.

As I was coming down from his celebration, we started a new school year amidst another uncertain time in our world. Thankfully, my kids are off to a great start in their 10th and 8th grade school years.

Then, my son turned 16. Which means he is now driving. On roads. With other cars. By himself. Now, clearly, we have been preparing for this for quite some time. He’s been taking the classes, practicing driving and doing the parallel parking. We’ve been talking and teaching and preparing him for all the things that may come his way. We’ve been filling out the forms and making the appointments and doing all the things you have to do to get a license. We’ve been researching and shopping and agonizing over the purchase of the car he’s now driving. It’s all done. He’s ready. And I’m happy for him.

But in the midst of all that preparation, I lost sight of what his driving means for ME. I forgot to prepare MYSELF. And what it means for me is that I just lost most of the TIME I spent with my son. Driving to school, talking about the day ahead. Driving from school, hearing about the ups and downs of the day. Driving to practices and workouts and events and friends’ houses – each trip having conversations about what was coming or what just happened.

And now that time is gone. For good. And I know that it is as it should be. We will all be ok. We will shift and grow and change, and we will find new ways to connect. But I’m telling you, I have felt big feelings over this. I handled my husband’s birthday. I survived the start of another school year, but this one got me. I wasn’t aware of the letting go that would be required of me as a result of this milestone.

Next, I’m preparing for a milestone of my own. I turn 50 next month. So there’s that. I’m still processing what this means to me. But I do know that instead of following the cultural conditioning of what it means to be 50 (especially for a woman), I’m trying to forge my own way and create my own meaning. I want to go into it with clarity and with consciousness. So I’ve been spending a lot of time in reflection and in meditation. I’m taking a course that is asking me to go DEEP, so I’ve retreated into my home and my space and have been spending a lot of time in meditative contemplation. It feels like the perfect time for this work. I feel like I might be metamophosizing as much as my teens.

And finally, I’ve also been in big creation mode, working on a new offer that I’m so excited to share with you. I’m stretching and growing in new ways in order to bring it to you. Stay tuned for my announcement next week.

What an amazing time to be alive. Do you have your own milestones, meditations or metamorphosis going on? How is life inviting you to grow and change right now? I’d love to hear about it!

Love and light,



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