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I believe that all our relationships are a reflection of the one we have with ourselves. No matter what is coming up in your life - whether it's problems in your relationships with your partner or your kids, issues with your body, difficulty with a life transition, or just a feeling so something being "off" in your life, it is for your own healing and growth.

I am experienced and passionate about helping women slow down, connect with themselves, understand their needs and desires in new ways, listen to their own inner wisdom, take care of themselves and fill themselves up with love, so it overflows in to all their relationships and their life as a whole.

What's best is that the perspectives and strategies learned while working with me will be useful at every age and stage of your life. The tools you learn will enable you to have authentic and loving relationships with your partner, your kids, your body and with yourself. 


leconnect to the energy of your heart + become aware of your emotions, thoughts and beliefs + quiet your inner critic + discover the power of intention + understand all areas of your life and what you want to experience in each area + practice self-love + discover your strengths + understand your blocks + practice forgiveness + learn ways to shift your energy + explore your purpose 

"Happiness is not something you get in life. Happiness is something you bring to life."
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