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If you have children, you know that parenting can be the most joyful and the most challenging experience of your life. Unfortunately, many of us spend our time focused on how to deal with the challenges and rarely feel peaceful enough to embrace the joy.


If you're tired of power struggles, fights and feelings of overwhelm, conscious parenting coaching can help.

I believe that our children are our greatest teachers. When we focus on the lessons we're here to learn, we hold the key to transforming our relationships. As a conscious parenting coach, my role is to help parents become aware, or CONSCIOUS fo their own energy and actions and why they are choosing them. I help parents release their old expectations and emotional baggage, so they're free to accept, love and connect with their children more deeply and authenticallyThis is where the JOY of parenting lies.

While this may sound like deep or heavy work, the journey of becoming a conscious parent can be one of the most exciting and fulfilling journeys of our lives. The opportunities to grow in consciousness and love are endless. If you're open to it, it can awaken you to the parent and the person you're meant to be.


become conscious of parenting triggersgain awareness of your own energy and how it affects your family + identify your parenting strengths + deepen your connection to your children + improve communication + discover your children's needs and how to meet themlearn strategies to overcome difficult behaviorscreate and hold conscious boundaries + create the family atmosphere you want

“While we believe we hold the power raise our children, the reality is that our children hold the power to raise us into the parents they need us to become.... As our children show us the way back to our own essence, they become our greatest awakeners.
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