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Our bodies are our partners in this journey of life.  Unfortunately, not many of us give this relationship the attention it needs. When we struggle with chronic stress and issues with our health, it can be difficult to find the peace and happiness we desire in our lives.


Becoming aware of your body and listening to its messages is an important part of becoming conscious. When we honor our bodies, take care of them and tune in to understand their messages, our life experience becomes richer.


No matter what area of your life needs attention, involving the body in the healing process is helpful. I frequently use EFT and EFTA to help my clients release childhood wounds and patterns, so they can live their lives with more freedom and authenticity. I love teaching women to get in sync with their bodies, manage their stress, reduce aches and pains and improve their overall health


understand the connection between your body, mind, and spirit + explore the possible messages of your symptoms learn how emotions, events, and beliefs affect your health + learn techniques to reduce stress + explore how your health affects your human needsdeepen your connection to your bodycultivate appreciation and love for your body + learn to support your body + be supported through a health crisis

"You were born with the potential to not only have a healthy body, but also to live a life filled with joy. One of the most powerful tools you have for achieving this is understanding the power of the language of your body. It constantly sends you messages through various feelings, symptoms, and illnesses that tell you what you need to change. When you recognize and act on these messages, you're tapping into a vital part of your women's wisdom."
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