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Ready to experiment? Try this!

One thing that has become clear to me in the past few years is that I thrive when I take the time to connect to myself regularly. I now call this my alignment time. When I feel aligned, everything in my life just FLOWS more easily and effortlessly. Have you experienced this? Would you like to? Here are some of my favorite ways to get in alignment.

  • meditation

  • journaling

  • writing intentions (for the day, the week or the month)

  • listening to a podcast

  • listening to music

  • taking a walk

  • sitting with a cup of coffee

  • keeping a gratitude journal

  • being in nature

  • taking a bath

  • taking a few deep breaths

For me, getting into alignment doesn’t look the same every day and it doesn’t always take up much time. But it always makes a difference in the way I feel and experience my life. Do you connect to yourself daily? Would you be willing to try some alignment time of your own? Just a few moments of intentional focus on connecting with yourself in whatever feels good to you will suffice. Why not try it this week? Experiment with it and notice how your week flows. Then let me know what worked for you. I’d love to hear! Love and light,

Mendy P.S. I’m excited to have extra space in my schedule for 1:1 coaching this fall. If you are yearning to transform your relationship with your partner, your kids, your body or yourself, I’d love to support you in your journey. Sign up here for a free consultation.

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