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This wasn't my fault!

It's a couple of days after Christmas, and I'm sitting by the fire by myself, gazing at the Christmas tree and giving myself some time to rest and reflect. It feels like the first deep breath I've taken in a while.

Despite my best intentions, this entire holiday season was a whirlwind of activity and STRESS

There were basketball games and tournaments, basketball locker decorating, senior requirements, college planning, a friend reunion, a family member in the hospital, a broken TV that had to be replaced, a 16th birthday celebration, some holiday parties, a trip to get a driver's license... oh, and Christmas. AND I was sick for 2 weeks straight. (Of course I was - my body was like "WHOA! We gotta slow down!)

In the days leading up to Christmas, I found myself more behind than I've ever been, with little energy left to actually enjoy all the little things I normally love. Ugh! This is not what I planned! AND this wasn't my fault.

This is simply the life stage I'm in. It's busy. It's full. Full of activities. Full of extra things that have to be done. Full of emotions. Full of people I adore who I get to love and support. Full of transitions and challenges and fun. This season of my life is a lot! And I'm not doing it wrong.

As I reflect, here are some things that I found helpful this season: Cutting out things I just didn't have time for. Saying no to the things I could. Asking for help. Accepting that help. Letting go of perfection and expectations. Resting when my body told me I had to. Feeling my emotions. Being gentle with myself. Using techniques and tools to help me move out of stress. Taking time to connect to my heart.

Here are the things that were not helpful this season: Criticizing myself for not getting more done. Telling myself I shouldn't feel stressed, or that I should have more energy. Telling myself I shouldn't have the emotions I do about my son's senior year or my daughter's 16th birthday. Criticizing myself for things I couldn't get done. Telling myself I should be doing things better.

As I move into 2024, I'm going to take these lessons with me. I'm going to keep reminding myself that this is just a season, and it's ok if it's not always smooth and easy. I'm doing the best I can!

Over to you: What has your holiday season been like? Can you accept the season of life you're in? What are the things that are helpful for you to remember? What's not helpful that you can let go of?

Wishing you a peaceful final week of 2023. I'll be back in 2024!




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