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when the world feels hopeless

If you have felt overwhelmed, powerless and even hopeless from the events of the week, you're not alone.

I find it difficult to carry on with my "normal life" when there's so much chaos, destruction and suffering in the world. I tend to want to curl up in a ball and hide from the world as I sit with my own heartbreak, fear and outrage.

And yet, my belief is that when the world feels chaotic, the invitation becomes even stronger for us to go within and to connect with our own hearts. It's within our own hearts that we find our sense of love and our sense of peace -  for ourselves, for our people, and for all human beings. 

When the world feels like too much, we can create space to be with what nourishes our hearts, our bodies and our souls. Simply get still, ask your heart what it needs, and follow its guidance.

I've talked to women this week who have felt the need to cry a river of tears. Who've felt the pull to go outside and hug a tree so they could feel a connection to something bigger than this moment. Who've found themselves drawn to drive miles away so they could place their feet in the flowing water of a stream. Who've known that their bodies needed to MOVE to process the grief they were carrying.

Our hearts know what we need.

For those of you feeling lost, powerless and even hopeless, 

I see you. 

I love you.

I am with you.

May love be our guide. May peace be our hope. And may we begin in our own ways to create the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.




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