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What's pulling you forward?

You’ve probably heard me mention intentions a lot in this newsletter. Along with being in alignment, I believe living with intention is one of the biggest keys to a happy life. Intentions help guide you to create the life you want instead of just living in reaction to what comes your way. I’m sure there are countless different approaches to living with intention, but here’s what I do: I set intentions at the beginning of each month and at the beginning of each week. I remind myself of my intentions throughout each week to help keep me focused. To me, they make me feel like I’m in control of my life. I feel that they help pull me forward towards what I want to happen in my life. It surprises me sometimes how much they influence the flow of my life. They work so well that they often feel like a superpower! Would you be willing to experiment with setting some intentions this week? Why not give it a try? Grab a journal or type it on your device. Answer these questions for yourself: How do I want to feel this week? How do I want to feel when I’m with my partner? How do I want to feel when I’m with my kids? How do I want to feel in my body/about my body this week? Don’t know how you want to feel? Here are some possibilities:

  • connected

  • calm

  • present

  • aware

  • conscious

  • aligned

  • grounded

  • loving

  • patient

  • forgiving

  • accepting

  • organized

  • efficient

  • accomplished

  • excited

  • joyful

  • playful

  • passionate

  • fulfilled

  • light

  • fit

  • free

One piece of advice I have for you is to keep the focus on what you can control yourself – not on what you want to receive from others. Now write an intention statement. Here’s mine: My intention is to feel aligned and energized, connected to my husband, calm with my kids, and light and free in my body. Simple, right? Next, keep your statement with you throughout the week. Read them out loud each morning and before you interact with your loves. Be gentle with yourself if you have moments or days or even weeks that don’t go according to plan. Just regroup and reset your intention. Notice how this week flows and let me know. Feel free to write your intention in the comments below! I’ll be back soon to follow up. Love and light,

Mendy P.S. I still have space in my schedule for a few new 1:1 coaching clients this fall. If you are yearning to transform your relationship with your partner, your kids, your body or yourself, I’d love to support you in your journey. Sign up here for a free consultation.

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