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What you focus on expands!

This week I’d like to invite you to look for what is well and good in your world. What’s working for you? What feels right? Take a few minutes to write it down or simply reply to this email. When we take the time to acknowledge what’s good in our lives, we invite more good to come. If nothing comes to mind at first, keep looking. What’s right about your relationship? What’s going well with your kids? What’s working in your body? Can you gain an overall sense of “all is well in my life”? That’s one of my favorite feelings ever. Let yourself feel it wherever you can. See if you can catch that feeling in a simple moment. Savor that moment. Really feel it in your bones. But wait, you might say. What about all my problems? What about the challenges we’re facing in our nation and in our world? You want me to ignore what’s going on? Of course not. By all means, pay attention and use your voice and your actions for good. However, I believe it really doesn’t serve us or solve our problems to think about them repeatedly and to live in a constant state of anger, sadness or fear. Noticing that there is plenty that IS working in our lives can give us a sense of balance and can actually contribute to finding the solutions we seek. So, give it a try. Throughout the week, keep asking: What’s working? What’s good? If you’d like to take it a step further, share your good news with a friend or loved one. We often find ourselves complaining with others without even noticing what we’re doing. Try starting a conversation about what’s working for you. Notice how your interaction with that person feels. See how your week flows when you focus on the good. Let me know! Love and light, Mendy

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