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Are you in need of some peace and calm?

I’m back from my summer hiatus and ready to start a new chapter here in this space. My summer highlights included a family vacation, lots of traveling to basketball tournaments with my 2 kids, and hosting family gatherings at our lake house. It was fun, it was full, and it was fast!

And here we are back in the transition of starting another school year. I’m taking a deep breath with all the parents who are still managing this transition. If it feels like a lot, you’re not alone!

Recently, I’ve spent my time creating some exciting new things for you. I’m so happy to get to share one of those things today!

Over the summer, I talked to so many people who shared with me that they were struggling with anxiety. Are you in the same boat? I get it!

There are so many reasons for us to feel anxious right now. The world is chaotic. There are more pressures and stresses in most people’s jobs. We have information overload at all times. Our phones never stop notifying us of what we’re missing out on. And if you are a sensitive, empathic being, as most women are, you are also likely picking up on other people’s subtle energies – and without you being conscious of it, you may be carrying around other people’s stress and anxiety. Because everything is connected. We’re all connected.

A lot of people fall into the pattern of thinking that as soon as something changes, they’ll feel better. As soon as school gets out. As soon as summer is over. As soon as this sports season that’s consuming all my time is over. As soon as I get a new job. As soon as I get moved into the new house. As soon as things settle down in our politics and in our world. We keep waiting and waiting for the outside world to get in order so that we can finally feel calm.

The problem is that there is ALWAYS something swirling outside of us. And the longer we are focused on waiting for that outer change, the longer were going to be waiting to feel ok.

But there is hope. No matter what’s going on in your outside world, there’s always a space within you that is calm, peaceful, steady and safe. It’s just a matter of accessing it. It’s a matter of creating moments in which you can slow down, turn off the noise from the outside world and tune in to that space within – where you find your inner calm.

I just created a new 7-day program called INNER CALM. It’s free, and it’s available now. I can’t wait for you to try it and to let me know how it helps you.

To find out more and to sign up, click here

Love and light,



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