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Happy Fall!

Did you know that today is the fall equinox? It snuck up on me!

This morning, I sat outside in nature for a while, contemplating what this change of season means to me.

Summer is such an outward time. There’s so much going and doing, traveling and gathering with people.

The beginning of school is often quite a challenging time. Holding space for all the emotions and getting back into the rhythm of the school schedule can be exhausting.

With the arrival of fall, there’s this shift that feels like an invitation to turn inward. To me that feels soooo good.

I feel like in summer, I tend to lose myself a little. But in the fall, I get to come home to myself.

Does anyone else feel like this?

As I begin to turn inward, I’m asking myself: What is it that I need? What is it that I want? What is it that would start to fill me up again?

Anyone want to come along with me on this journey? I’m working on something to help you get back to YOU. Stay tuned.

Love and light,



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