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How do you want to finish the year?

You may have heard me talk about intentions before. I set intentions all the time to help me create the feelings I want to embody.

Intentions are a roadmap to take you to the experiences you want to have and the feelings you want to feel. They can be set individually or as a group.

My family and I set intentions together (when they tolerate my coaching them!). Before we got our puppy, we set intentions for the type of puppy we wanted and how we wanted to feel through the experience of having our first dog.

One summer we set them before our family vacation. I simply asked each of them, “How do you want to feel? What do you want to experience?” It made us all more aware of our desires, what activities we wanted to do, and what feelings we wanted to experience. Most importantly, it made us conscious of how we could contribute to making our intentions happen.

I have to say, it’s pretty cool to look back at intentions and see how they pulled us forward.

So, here we are in the first week of November, on the cusp of the holiday season. Here’s what I’m wondering.

How would you like to feel for the remainder of 2022?

What experiences would you like to have in the next 2 months?

Whether you had a smooth year or a bumpy one, like mine, I invite you to be intentional in how you want to end the year. Today, I’m inviting you to become conscious of your desires and let them pull you forward into the new year. Let yourself dream into the possibilities of how you can begin to create the relationships and the life that you most want to live.

Then ask yourself,

If these are my intentions, what can I do to try to make them happen?

How can I shift my energy?

What can I bring to each situation?

Personally, I want to feel grateful (obviously!) for all the abundance and beauty in my life and I want to savor the moments I’m in. I want to stay engaged in what I’m creating for the new year, and I want to feel expansive, knowing that even more good is coming my way. And always, I want to feel connected to my loves.

I can do this by coming into the present moment, acknowledging the good, showing up for my work, and being aware of my energy when I’m with my people.

I hope you find this helpful and that you close out this year in the way that’s most meaningful to you.

Love and light,



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