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I feel magic in the air...

One of the things that brings me the most joy in life is witnessing synchronicities. What are those, you ask?

They’re those things that fall in line at exactly the right time and place – like getting a text from your best friend exactly as you were thinking of her - or an opportunity falling into your lap the moment you were ready. It might be seeing the same image or number at different times and places. They’re those things that seem coincidental or random but to me feel like MAGIC.

According to Google, spiritual synchronicities are “strategically orchestrated and perfectly aligned to deliver a message, provide guidance, or provide reassurance that we're on the right path.” To me, synchronicities feel like a hug from beyond – a little nudge to let me know I’m ok and all is well.

One of my favorite synchronicity stories happened a couple of years ago on my birthday. Over a decade ago, I got an Ina Garten cookbook that included a recipe for “Beatty’s Chocolate Cake.” I immediately thought to myself, “I’ve got to try this cake!” The only problem was that I don’t make cakes. Like at all.

Then, to make matters worse, soon after I found that recipe, I eliminated gluten from my diet. At that point, there really was no chance for that cake to ever be made. So there sat the sad and lonely recipe for years. But every time I flipped through that cookbook, I would be reminded of my longing to taste Beatty’s Chocolate Cake.

Fast forward about 10 years, and my daughter started baking. Turns out, she can make cakes! Like really beautiful, delicious cakes.

So, two years ago, she offered to make me a gluten free cake for my birthday. Now, my hopes were not high for this cake because gluten free cakes are traditionally not any good AT ALL. But she found a recipe on the internet for the “best gluten-free chocolate cake ever” and was determined to make it.

So she did. And it was the best gluten-free chocolate cake ever! It really was the most delicious cake I’d tasted in over 10 years! I was truly amazed and asked her to show me the recipe.

You know where this is going. At the bottom of the recipe, in tiny letters, was a line that said, “This recipe is adapted from Ina Garten’s Beatty’s Chocolate Cake.” WHAT?!?!?!? YES!!!

Isn’t that an amazing and FUN synchronicity? It felt like such a special GIFT I received – not only from my daughter, but from Life itself!

Here’s one more thing. I’ve noticed that every time I spend time connecting to my inner self and elevating my energy by adding more beauty, love and joy to my days, I start to experience more synchronicities. It seems that the better I feel, the more magical life becomes.

Over to you. Do you love synchronicities too? Do you have a fun synchronicity story? I’d LOVE to hear it! If you aren’t yet aware of synchronicities in your life, look for them! And please share it with me when you receive one!

Love and light,



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