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I just had the best week ever!

Last week, I set the intention of replenishing my energy by doing a variety of things that filled me up physically, mentally and spiritually.

Here are some of the nourishing things I did for myself:

  • meditated

  • journaled

  • ate nourishing food

  • read a book at night instead of scrolling

  • sat outside and grounded for a few minutes

  • took a walk with the pup

  • took a 10-minute nap

  • had breakfast out with my son

  • snuggled with the pup

  • drank sparkling water instead of a cocktail

  • Voxxed with friends

  • attended a masterclass

  • had a late night chat with my daughter

  • noticed the beauty around me

  • had lunch with friends

  • swung underneath the trees for a couple of minutes

  • had a happy hour with my husband

The things I did were simple and didn't consume much of my time. But they made an enormous impact on my energy. I've noticed this time and time again:

When I'm filled up:

I'm more patient.

I'm more loving.

I'm more generous.

I'm more present.

I notice more beauty.

I find more connection in my relationships.

I feel better physically.

I'm happier.

I feel better about myself.

I feel better about life.

I have more energy.

I'm more creative.

I do better work.

I get more done.

Synchronicities appear.

Life feels more magical.

You may be thinking - really? All that from simply replenishing yourself? YES. ALL THAT AND MORE.

If you aren't convinced, I invite you to give it a try for yourself. Simply ask yourself:

What would make me feel good physically?

What would make me feel connected to myself?

What would make me feel connected to others?

AND THEN GO DO IT. And let me know how it impacts you and your world.

Love and light,



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