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I've got a challenge for you!

Earlier this week, I had a day with nothing on my calendar. As I was sipping my coffee, I noticed a feeling of angst as I thought about what I "should" be doing with my day.

And then I remembered that there are no "shoulds"!

Summer is meant to be enjoyed. Our lives are meant to be enjoyed!

So I shifted my perspective and began to think about what I WANTED to do with my free day. I asked myself:

What do I WANT to do?

What would be enjoyable?

What would give me JOY?

I found that just asking these questions shifted my mood and got me excited about the day ahead.

So that got me thinking - what if I took the WHOLE month of July to focus on enjoying summer and this season of life I'm in. What if I spent a whole month exploring what gives me joy?

And what if I invited others to go on this journey with me?

So, on a whim, I'm introducing July's SAVORING SUMMER challenge!

All you have to do is find some joy in your day every day in July. You can do something you want to do or simply notice something in your day that gives you a spark of excitement or enjoyment. Whatever it is, take it in and savor it. That's it!

I'll be showing up on social media each day in July to share the joy I find and the things I'm savoring. (You can find me @mendybeattycoaching on Instagram or Mendy Beatty Coaching on Facebook.) I'd love to hear your findings in the comments each day. I look forward to hearing what you discover!

I'm a big believer that WHAT YOU FOCUS ON EXPANDS. So I'm really curious how focusing on JOY for a whole month is going to impact us all.

Join me in this simple, scrumptious experiment. Let's SAVOR SUMMER.

Love and light,



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