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My client blew me away with these questions!

I have a beautiful client who has been contemplating a change in her career. She’s been practicing listening to her inner voice in hopes that it will lead her to the right decision. As she was listening one day, she came up with three powerful questions that helped give her the clarity she was looking for.

I’m sharing this with you because I think these 3 amazing questions can serve us all - in any area of our lives. They are:

  1. What do I enjoy?

  2. What do I find frustrating?

  3. What do I want?

In her case, it helped highlight the things she loves about her current job – those things that leave her feeling fulfilled and full of joy. It also helped her hone in on the specific things that drained her energy in her job, and it led her to think about possible ways to eliminate or change those aspects. Finally, she asked herself what it is she really wants out of a job. This left her feeling open and creative about what her perfect job might look like.

Right after she asked these questions, she got a brilliant idea about a possible new job that would include the things she loved about her current job, eliminate the things that drained her and leave her with exactly the elements she wants in a career.

I love that her inner voice led her to these questions and opened her up to new possibilities.

I recently asked myself these questions about my own life and was surprised by the insights I gained. How can these 3 questions apply to your life? Ask away, and then let me know what you discover!

Love and light,



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