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My son turned 18!

My family and I spent the weekend pouring love into my son, who turned 18 on Saturday.

At two of our celebratory meals, we asked everyone at the table to share what they love and appreciate about him.

The answers included: 

  • how much he loves being around family 

  • what a loyal friend he is 

  • how he gets extremely excited about random things 

  • how great he is with younger kids 

  • how uniquely his brain works

  • what an awesome smile he has 

  • how caring he is

  • what a gift his sensitivity is

  • how fun he is to be around 

  • how those he loves can count on him to be there for them

I love that he got to hear what others see in him, and I hope he carries the knowing with him that he has special and unique gifts to bring to the world, and that people see and appreciate him for who he inherently is. 

I’m having to work really hard to accept this transitionary phase we’re in. I’m constantly reminding myself to let go of the past, to come into the present, and to trust that the future will unfold exactly as it should.

This weekend was proof that it’s unfolding as it should. 

My reminders to my son this year and beyond: 

I love you every minute of every day.

You deserve all the good life has to offer.

Expect good things. 

Say yes to life.

I invite you to try this ritual for the next birthday or special occasion you celebrate! It's wonderful to be able to acknowledge what our people mean to us and to see how it affects everyone involved.




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