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Wait a minute, how did that happen? Here's the rest of the story....

I’ve shared several times now how my first year of marriage was really challenging and how everything shifted after I started keeping a gratitude journal.

Wait - what? Do I really believe that the gratitude journal fixed everything?

At the time, I had no idea what happened. I just knew that things in my relationship seemed to be working so much better and that it seemed to coincide with the gratitude practice. But I didn’t understand what really caused the shift until much later.

I tuned into Oprah one day and I heard Gary Zukav teaching about energy. He was explaining Newton’s 3rd law of motion, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” He was teaching that this applies to everything in our lives – all our actions, all our energy, all our intentions. In his words, we receive from the world what we give to the world.

I realized in that moment that the reason the gratitude affected us so much is because IT CHANGED MY ENERGY. Before the gratitude, the energy I had been sharing with my husband was full of frustration, irritation, judgment, criticism, and lack. So that’s what I was creating in our relationship.

Once I started focusing on the things I appreciated about my husband, my energy shifted into love, gratitude, connection, fulfillment, and abundance. Once I changed what I was giving, I changed what I received.

On that episode of the Oprah show, there was even a couple whose relationship had transformed in the same way that mine had. Talk about a synchronicity! Gary specifically explained to them that it was the energy shift that facilitated the change in their relationship.

Now, I’m certainly not suggesting that gratitude solves all our problems. Nor am I suggesting that we are responsible for everything that happens in our lives. Undoubtedly, most of life is outside of our control. Other people are definitely outside of our control.

Yet, our point of power lies within. What I know is that we are responsible for how we respond to life. In fact, the only thing within our control is ourselves – our energy, our intentions, our actions. And when we choose consciously what our energy, intention and actions are, it can transform what we experience in our lives.

This is why I created the Grateful 30 Challenge. I want to guide you through 30 days of elevating your energy and filling yourself up with appreciation for the goodness in your own life. I want you to witness how shifting your energy changes the experiences you receive in your life.

Those who have done this challenge before have reached out to tell me that they had the BEST MONTH and that they couldn’t believe how much different life felt when they were focused on the good. I want YOU to feel the same.

Join me now. Challenge starts November 1.

Love and light,



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