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Would you do this for yourself?

I heard back from a number of people who admitted they struggle with implementing the practice of self-care. Women have been so conditioned to take care of everyone else and to save themselves for last. I know it can be difficult to change this programming!

But I also know that it’s essential to becoming the person you want to be. Taking nurturing care of yourself will make a difference not only to you, but to everyone else in your life.

I’m curious - would you be willing to commit to one week of experimenting with self-care? Let’s talk about what that might look like.

In my opinion, there are 2 types of self-care.

The first type is OUTER self-care. These are the things we do to take care of our physical bodies. This can include:

· getting enough sleep

· drinking enough water

· eating the right foods

· getting the exercise we need

· limiting our screen time

· saying no to things we don’t want or need to do

The second type is INNER self-care. These are the things that nurture our spirit. This is often overlooked but is essential to our well-being. It can include:

· meditation

· prayer

· stillness

· journaling

· spending time in nature

· listening to music

· saying affirmations

· reading books

· listening to inspiring podcasts

· being creative in some way

Instead of looking at these lists and thinking you need to do ALL the things, start by choosing one simple thing. What pops out to you as the most urgent thing you need? What sounds the most nurturing? What do you feel pulled towards? That’s where you can start.

What you choose to do doesn’t have to be time-consuming. Ten minutes of nourishing ourselves can have a profound effect on us. And I know we can find at least 10 minutes - we all spend more time than that scrolling on our phones!

As you practice this act of self-care, notice how it makes you feel. Notice any changes in your body and your mood. Notice what effect it has on you, if any.

Get in the habit of checking in with yourself and asking, “What do you need? What would you like to do?” This practice alone can be life-changing!

I invite you to spend one whole week in experimentation. Do you want to do the same thing every day? Or do you want to try something new each day? Ask yourself! Then, report back to me on how it goes!

Love and light,


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