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When I think of the clients I've had the honor of working with, my heart expands with love, compassion and awe. Every one of them has blown me away with their unique stories and their capacity for love, healing and change. People are amazing!

What I've learned from coaching over the past 6 years is that...

Everyone is struggling with something.

Everyone is doing their best with the knowledge they have.

Everyone has their own unique gifts to share with the world.

And since this has been true of every single person I've worked with, I'm sure it's true for you too.

You're doing the best you can. We all are. Reminding yourself of this is often helpful.

You are far more powerful than you think. The more I learn about the unconscious mind, the more I know this to be true! You're currently only using 3-5% of your brain. There's SO MUCH MORE!

You need to love and support yourself more. I don't know how we all got conditioned to beat ourselves up and to believe that this somehow is going to motivate us to change. Nothing is further from the truth. Self-compassion and self-love are much more likely to induce your ability to change. Plus, life just feels better when you love yourself.

I'm wondering, what's one thing you'd like to change in 2023? Could you remind yourself of these truths to help you along the way? You've got this.

Love and light,



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