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What do you do when life feels chaotic?

I’ve always loved September and the start of school. Something about starting a new year, getting organized and on a schedule, and having new goals for the upcoming year has always excited me. (Not to mention, I’ve always loved football season!) With my past experiences in mind, I was looking forward to the transition as my kids began another school year. Usually, the start of a new year is a time for me to get into a routine that makes me feel settled and grounded. This year, it has been anything but that! For some reason, it's been a difficult transition for my whole family. I know that the two hurricanes and other troubling events in our world unsettled us all. Add that to our already hectic schedules of school, sports and work, and life has felt more chaotic than ever. Have you felt the same? What do you do when you can’t put your outer world in order? How do you manage when things outside of you are beyond your control and it feels like they’ll never calm down? I believe that's when it's time to turn to our inner world. I realized after a few weeks that the order I was looking for with the start of school was not going to fall into place like I expected. So instead of continuing to fight my schedule, trying to line things up so I could feel peaceful, I turned within. I figured out that it's up to me to find the sense of calm that I've been seeking. For me, this meant recommitting to taking time to invest in myself through rituals. This means simply starting my day with a few minutes of meditation, followed by a few minutes of journaling. Each day, I set an intention for how I want to feel during my day. I make a short list of actions I can take to help me get there. At the end of the day, I write again on reflections and gratitude for what the day has brought me. I've used different rituals before in my life and every time I do them consistently, I get amazing results. I’ll admit, it’s only been a few days since I recommitted to this particular process. Already, I feel like a new person! I’ve felt connected to my higher self, calmer, more connected to my husband and more patient and present with my kids. As a result, my kids seem more settled and life is already flowing more smoothly. And somehow, I even feel like I have more time and I’m getting more done! Our inner work affects our outer lives. Every time. These are the rituals I’ve chosen that work for me. But the options are endless. Prayer, mediation, stillness, mantras, affirmations, journaling, gratitude are just a few choices. Are you ready to experiment? Pick a morning or evening ritual and commit to doing it for a week or a month, and see how it transforms your life. Let me know! Peace and love, Mendy

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