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Don't worry... about a thing

Most of us live our lives in varying states of anxiety. We worry about all kinds of things that might happen in the future. Maybe your anxiety has a theme – maybe you worry about your kids, maybe it’s finances, maybe it’s your health, or maybe you just walk around with a fear that “something bad” is going to happen. Trust me, I know the feeling. Anxiety is something I’ve struggled with a lot in my life. One of the biggest problems with anxiety is that it puts our bodies in a state of fight or flight, also called stress response. When our bodies are in stress response, it can cause all kinds of problems – it can raise our blood pressure and our blood sugar, slow down our digestive system and our metabolism, and even suppress our immune system. Who wants that? Plus, it just feels BAD. Add to that the idea that what we focus on expands in our life, and we’re likely creating more to feel anxious about. It can be a vicious cycle. Since I’ve had so much experience with it, I’ve got a host of strategies and tools that I use to help bring a sense of calm into my life. One of the biggest things that has helped me has been to ask myself this question: Do you trust Life? I know, it’s a big question! But the truth of the matter is that if we trust Life, there’s really no need to worry about a thing. So, how do you begin to trust Life if you haven’t yet? How do you get yourself out of fearful thoughts and the feeling of anxiety? How do you begin to shift into a more positive and optimistic mind frame? One of my favorite tools is to use mantras and affirmations. This is just a simple way to distract my negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. I believe that words hold vibrations, and when we connect to empowering words, it has a powerful effect on our bodies and our lives. Here are a three of my favorite life-affirming and trust-building mantras. “What is for me will not pass by me.” If you worry about what future opportunities will come your way, this mantra will put you at ease. If the job, or the house, or the relationship is for you, it won’t pass you by. When you trust in these words, you will feel a sense of calm as you realize there are no such things as missed opportunities. “Only good is coming to me.” If you worry about bad things happening, this mantra will leave you feeling hopeful and optimistic instead. I add a step and envision myself and my loved ones going through our days wrapped in protective shields of light. Buying into the idea that only good is coming actually puts my nervous system at ease. I can feel my shoulders relax and I notice myself taking deeper breaths. Try it for yourself! “Whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.” This one is a quote from Desiderata, written by Max Ehrmann. This quote has been a lifelong companion of mine. It helps me to remember that my understanding of the world is limited by my individual human interpretation. It reminds me that things have a way of working out, even when it feels differently. Think about it. Has there ever been something that happened to you that you labeled as bad at the time, but later you realized it was for the best? I have countless examples in my own life – the job I didn’t get, the relationship that didn’t work out, even my four-year struggle with infertility. What’s on your list? What if we trusted that Life is always supporting our highest good? What if the Universe really is unfolding as it should? How would that change your perspective and your experience of life? What would you still need to worry about? It’s no fun to have worries constantly swirling in our heads, and our bodies aren’t meant to be in a state of stress all the time. We deserve a break! Are you ready to put your body and your mind into a state of relaxation? The next time you catch yourself worrying, experiment with using these mantras to reset your thoughts and your energy. I hope this serves you.

Love and light,


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