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Give Yourself a Present!

This week, I’d like to invite you to play with being present in your life. What is presence? Presence is simply being fully in the moment - body, mind and spirit. It means we’re free from distractions and fully absorbed with what’s happening in front of us. It means we have to put down our phones, stop DOing and just BE. It means that instead of having a constant chatter in your head, your mind is focused on only what is in front of you. Some people might call this being mindful, conscious or aware. When we're present to what's before us, it allows us the opportunity to deepen our connections with our loved ones and with ourselves. I believe it's these connections that we crave most in our lives. Would you be willing to focus on being more present this week? Here are some ways you can experiment: Be present when you’re washing your face in the morning. Only focus on the actual washing – nothing else. Be present when you’re eating. Can you eat without multi-tasking, reading or watching TV? Can you just chew and taste the food in your mouth? Be present when you’re with your partner. Put all distractions aside and pay full attention. This probably means listening more than you talk. It means you have no other motive for communicating – other than being fully present. Your spouse may wonder what’s going on with you! Be present when you’re with your kids. Pick a time to practice presence and just BE with them. See what happens when you open yourself up to just connecting with them – in any way they want. Watch how your kids soak it up. Be present after you get in bed. Instead of rolling through your to-do list or reliving the stressful moments of the day, just lie there and notice your breath. See if you can relax your body and become aware of it melting into the mattress. I’m not suggesting you that you should be able to do this all day every day. Just pick a few moments to try each day this week and notice what happens. How did you feel? How did your loved ones react to your presence? Did it have a positive impact on your relationships? Did you feel calm when you were present? Did you feel annoyed or bored from the lack of distraction? Just notice. And let me know! Love and light,

Mendy P.S. Have you signed up for my Grateful30 Challenge? It's not too late! Sign up now.

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