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3 steps to slow down and savor the holiday moments

In the midst of this holiday season, I’m feeling a pull to slow down. To savor moments. To be present. To stay connected to feelings of gratitude. To let go of feeling frantically busy and stressed. To really enJOY the moments before me. I know you are probably wanting something similar. But how do we get there when there is just SO MUCH to do and our calendars are bursting at the seams? I'm always game to experiment to see what works in my life. Here are 3 things I'm committing to doing for the rest of the month. 1. Daily connect-with-me time. I know I need at least a few minutes of grounding myself each day. Some days I may have time to meditate or journal. Some days this might come in the form of exercise. It might look like turning on my Christmas tree lights and enjoying a cup of coffee by the fire. Maybe it will include getting organized for the day ahead. I'm giving myself freedom to choose what works for me each day. 2. Weekly intentions. As you may remember, intentions help guide us to create what we want to experience in life. Here’s a reminder on how to set them. Simply ask yourself: How do I want to feel this week? What can I do to make that possible? 3. Putting down my phone. There's nothing that makes me feel more frazzled than too much time on my phone! I'm going to turn this thing off early each night. When I get away from my phone, things slow down for me. I can think more clearly and connect with the people around me. These are 3 simple steps that I know I can do to help me slow down and savor the holiday moments. Want to try them with me? Is there something else you know will help you enjoy this season? Experiment! As always, I'd love to hear how it goes. Here’s to the hap-happiest season of all! Love and light,


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