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When all else fails, accept what is.

Well that didn’t work! Despite trying my very best to slow down and savor the holiday moments, I found myself stressed out last week, snapping (and even yelling!) at my husband and my kids. I was doing the things I thought would help. Staying organized. Having moments to myself. Feeling grateful for my life. I even put down my phone and had coffee by the fire! And I still found myself feeling grumpy and stressed. So, I’ve shifted gears. Here’s what I’m doing now, and I hope you’ll join me. I’ve decided to simply accept that it is what it is. I’ve taken off the pressure to be cheerful and reverent in every moment – even though that’s still how I’d like to feel. Instead, I’m accepting life as it is. Eckhart Tolle teaches that suffering happens when we want the moment we’re experiencing to be different than it is. As I was telling myself that I “should” feel calm and happy, enjoying every minute of the holiday season, I was resisting my actual experience. The truth is that this is a challenging life stage I’m in. It’s busy. It’s stressful. Especially in December. I’m doing the best I can. And that’s ENOUGH. Accepting that busyness and stress are a part of my life right now has taken the pressure off to be “in the holiday spirit” all the time. It has taken away the guilt I felt, and it has given me more freedom to just BE. Yes, there have been moments of anxiety, rushing, snapping and even some freaking out, and I’m guessing there will continue to be. But there have also been moments of restarting, forgiving, connecting and enJOYing the moments we’re in. The more I accept ALL of the moments, the less I suffer and the more grateful I become. What about you? Are you feeling pressure to be "on" all the time? Would some acceptance help you get through your days? I hope this serves you! Love and light,


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