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Ready to rewire your relationship? Here's Step 1

When February comes around, my mind goes to relationships. When our relationships feel good, life feels good. Likewise, when our relationships suffer, it can dampen and darken our entire outlook on life. This month, I’m giving you my best relationship tips and tools. What I know for sure is that the most powerful thing you can do to change your relationship is to become aware of yourself. This week, I invite you to check in with yourself. See if you can grow your self-awareness. Notice:

your actions your emotions your mood your tone of voice your thoughts the stories you replay in your head All of this contributes to the energy you emit to your partner. Pay attention to how you are when you are with your partner as well as how you feel and what you think when you’re apart. If you find yourself in negative patterns of thoughts and emotions, you get the choice and the chance to change it. You literally can raise your relationship vibe with YOUR energy. Is there anything you can change THIS WEEK about how you relate to your partner? Experiment and let me know. More to come next week.... Love and light,


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