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Rewiring your relationship - get ready for some fun!

This month, we’ve talked about how becoming aware of the energy you put out to your loved one is the best way to create change in your relationship. Last week, I shared that focusing on the positive is one way to get out of your negative patterns. Acknowledging the good in our relationships can set the tone for all of our interactions. Another powerful way to get out of our negative patterns is to simply have some FUN. So often, we get stuck in the mundane routines of our lives. It's easy to get caught up in our busy schedules and our to-do lists - especially if you have kids. We may go days or even weeks without taking the time to really connect with our partners. This week, I invite you to mix it up and do something fun with your partner. What do you enjoy doing together? What did you enjoy when you first started dating? Can you make some plans for fun this week? How can you make it light-hearted? Can you add some laughter? Are you open to trying something new? We tend to think that we need to solve all of our problems in order to have a great relationship. While it’s sometimes necessary to work on our issues, this is also true: When we’re having fun with our partners, our problems seem to diminish on their own. Ready to try it? 3…2…1…Fun! Love and light,


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