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OMG - did you hear what she just said to you?

Last month, we talked about how to rewire our romantic relationships by focusing on ourselves and what we’re giving. This awareness of self is key to creating what we want in our relationships. Let’s take a look at how we can become more aware of ourselves in another relationship – the one we have with our bodies. Most people I know have a shaky relationship with their bodies, no matter what their size or shape. I’ve noticed that people tend to speak pretty cruelly about themselves. I’ve found this to be true for men and women alike! I know that if they’re talking negatively about themselves out loud, they’re probably saying worse to themselves inside their own heads. Are you aware of how you speak to your body? This week, I invite you to simply pay attention to the voice in the head. Listen to what it says about your body. When is it most critical? Does the voice allow you to feel tired? Does it get mad at you for having pain? What does it say when you get sick? What does it think about your appearance? How does it feel about you aging? Just listen. Become aware. This may seem like a cruel exercise. However, the voice is there, speaking to you every day. You can’t change it until you become aware of it. I’ll be back next week with what to do next…. Love and light,


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