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A word about the divisiveness we're witnessing...

A couple of weeks ago, after spending an evening scrolling through social media, I became distraught by the division and hatred I witnessed.

The next morning when I woke up, my first thought was, “We’re all just feeding our egos.” Each of us, reading posts that we agree with, are strengthening our individual egos and the collective ego of “our side”.

The collective ego of the left believes that everyone on the right is an enemy.

The collective ego of the right believes that everyone on the left is an enemy.

The ego in me has wanted to buy into this belief system. But the wisdom in me knows better.

It’s only the ego of the other and the ego in me that can be in such disagreement and divisiveness. The essence of each of us is pure and beautiful. We are all of the same essence.

My inner wisdom tells me that this time of divisiveness and separation has served a purpose – to show each of us where we need to rise. It has been a mirror for each individual, as the external divisiveness has reflected the separation we have all felt within. We each are being invited to become aware of our own divisiveness, our own judgment, our own hate, our own dis–ease.

So, our focus is not meant to be on the external, but on the internal. The way out of this is not to change the other side, but to look within and heal the division within ourselves.

Whatever comes next, whatever problems arise, this will still be the lesson – for each of us as individuals to look within and to heal the separation within. I believe this is the lesson, this is the journey, and this is the way out. We each have a part to play in creating the world we want to see.

Let me be clear, the loving world I want to see is one in which all lives are respected, revered, loved and protected. Black lives. Brown lives. Migrant children's lives. Gay lives. Trans lives. Immigrant lives. Indigenous lives. Lives on the left and lives on the right. 

I believe that we’re more connected that any of us realize. As each of us heals from our own divisiveness, we help heal those around us. As I move through the final weeks of 2020, I will be working on this within myself. Will you join me?

Love and light,



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