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Do you believe in miracles?

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” – Albert Einstein

How do you feel about miracles? I have to say, I’ve been feeling that they’re everywhere these days.

First, my body is a freaking miracle. It really blows me away when I think about what my body has been doing for me for the past few weeks. It is growing new bones!! It is repairing fractures all by itself! It knows how to do this without me doing a thing. Isn't that amazing?

Modern medicine is also a freaking miracle. Although my bones are growing back all by themselves, in order for them to be aligned well, I opted to have surgery on both wrists. You should see what the inside of my wrist looks like now. I feel like a bionic woman! The fact that this option exists just blows my mind.

I've also experienced the miracle of receiving loving-kindness from so many people. The outpouring of love and support I have received has truly overwhelmed me. I’ve received countless messages, offers to help, rides, meals and gifts from family, friends and people in my community. How are there this many kind, thoughtful, generous, loving people in my life?

Perhaps the biggest miracle I’ve experienced came on the day of my surgery. I was extremely nervous about having this surgery, and the day before surgery, I found out that because of COVID protocols, my husband would not be allowed to come back with me into the surgery center. This greatly increased my anxiety, so I decided to do a process that I use often. I call it “sending love ahead”, but it could also be labeled setting an intention, envisioning or prayer.

I imagined that there was a group of small orbs of light that was available to assist me on the day of my surgery. I sent these orbs ahead of me and I imagined that they were clearing a path for me to have a beautiful experience on the day of my surgery. I imagined that they were selecting the people that I would interact with and that every person I came in contact with would be filled with love and light. I envisioned that the surgery would go perfectly and that I would be surrounded by a protective shield of light at all times.

When I got to the surgery center, the first person that helped me was friendly and kind. She asked me about my injury and about my kids, and her gentle spirit put me at ease. I already felt grateful.

Then the nurse called me back for surgery. My husband came with me to the door and hugged me goodbye. As he began to walk away, the nurse looked at me and said, “Do you really want him to come back with you?” Of course, I said yes, and then I was shocked when she allowed him to come back with me. It was so comforting to have him with me. He has very protective and loving energy and his presence made me feel safe, cherished and loved.

The miracles don't stop there. The day before surgery, I had texted with family members about the surgery, and several of them began calling me “Rock star Mendy” in the text thread. As the nurse was putting in my IV, she had some trouble because she was having to put it in my foot. At one point she looked at me and said, “You are a rock star!” I couldn't believe she used the same word that my family members had used. This felt like another amazing synchronicity.

When the nurse’s shift was ending, she came in to say goodbye. I told her how grateful I was that she allowed my husband to come back with me. She looked at me and said, “Something just told me that I needed to let him back. I don't know if you prayed about it, but when I saw you, I just got a feeling that I needed to let him come with you.” Whaaaaat?

These experiences put me in such a state of gratitude. I felt guided, protected, supported, and surrounded by love. Every person I came in contact with that day showed me kindness and compassion. The surgery went perfectly well, and I recovered with ease. Shockingly, I had less pain after surgery than I did before.

I am now three weeks post-surgery and making so many strides. My most exciting tasks have been drying my hair by myself (with a one-piece brush and dryer that is lightweight) and putting on jeans! I am starting to feel like myself again.

I hope hearing these examples of what I call miracles will help you to look for them in your own life. The more my heart opens, the more convinced I am that life is truly magical. I hope you witness this in your own life. I’d love to hear about your miracles!

Love and light,



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