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Energy is everything.

Our energy is everything.

Our energy influences every aspect of our lives. It’s the filter with which we see the world.

When we feel anxious, we think anxious thoughts.

When we feel fearful, we think fearful thoughts.

When we feel sad, we think depressing thoughts.

How we feel influences how we speak, how we act & how we interact with others. It influences every choice we make - even the ones we’re unconscious of. It influences our experiences in every way.

Learning to shift our energy can be one of the best things we can do to help us change our external world.

Last Saturday, I had such a great day. I started out listening to a podcast that put me in a great state. I traveled with my daughter to Dallas and along the way appreciated the beauty of the sky, the wildflowers and the wonderful spring day. I met the cutest little man at a convenient store who commented on the beautiful day and wished me well. I got room 111 at the hotel (which is a special number in my world). Someone bought my dinner! Everywhere I turned I felt appreciation & gratitude. I know my experiences were a reflection of my energy.

This week was a bit challenging as I got ready to go on a solo trip for my business.

Throughout the week, I caught myself thinking fearful, anxious thoughts about all the things that could go wrong.

Throughout the week, I used practices and tools to help me shift out of that energy and get into higher states so I can feel love, trust, safety, & support.

I noticed that each time I shifted my energy, my thoughts shifted and then my experiences shifted. I’m so grateful to be able to do this and I know has impacted my experiences on my trip.

What practices do you have to shift your energy? Want to learn some new ones? I've got an announcement coming soon.

Love and light,



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