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Getting into alignment...

Anytime I find myself struggling emotionally due to the drama of the outside world, I know it’s time to get myself into “alignment”. Alignment to me is feeling connected to the deeper, wiser part of myself. When I’m aligned, I feel grounded and I’m able to see things from a higher perspective. As I align, I’m listening to my inner guidance and looking for the good around me.

My favorite way to get into alignment is with my morning ritual of meditation and journaling. Other things that bring me into alignment are

  • books

  • inspirational podcasts

  • spending time in nature

  • intentional breathing (I’ve been experimenting with the Wim Hof method)

  • moving my body

  • listening to music

Do you have a morning ritual? What are your favorite ways to get into alignment? If this is a new concept to you, would you be willing to experiment?

The next few weeks are primed to be challenging ones. You can bet I’ll be using these practices to help me get through them - grounded and connected to LOVE. I hope you’ll do the same.

Love and light,



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