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honor the transition

I’ve got a ritual for the end of summer / beginning of school that my family and I have done for many years.

Transitions can be challenging, and this simple ritual helps ME so much. My teens might not admit it, but I think it helps them too. (And if not, at least they go along with it for my sake.) I LOVE this tradition and I hope you will too.

First, we reflect on the summer. We write down everything we’re grateful for that transpired during the summer months. We take turns listing the things that were most meaningful to each of us. Every year, someone says something that surprises me. This always leaves me feeling so FILLED UP for all the beauty and love in my life.

Then we talk about the things we’re looking forward to as the school year starts and fall approaches. This often leads to a conversation about intentions – being conscious of how we want to show up for ourselves, each other and the outer world.

It’s not too late to try this with your own family. If no one wants to participate, you can do it for yourself! You can also save this process for the next transition you find yourself in. Just ask yourself how you can honor where you've been and then how you can prepare to step into what's next.

My intentions for this beginning phase of the school year are to take some time for MYSELF and to feel grounded, nurtured and organized, so I can show up for my loves with some extra love, compassion and patience.

I’m reminding myself how much courage it takes to start a new school year, and I’m preparing myself to give my 2 some space for their own experiences and emotions. I’m trying my best to adjust to their rapid growth and changes, to step back and give them more freedom to be who they inherently are, and to trust them to figure things out in their own ways. Whew. This is hard work!

Sending love to all as we navigate more uncertainty in our world.

Love and light,



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