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How I'm surviving this tricky time

My family life has been all about change lately. My kids are immersed in the teen years and they’re growing and changing at lightning speed. Add to this phase the uncertainty of navigating life during a pandemic and the chaos of this election year, and you can imagine that we’ve all felt a bit …wobbly.

I’ve got more to share with you about this transition period we’re in, but today I want to talk to you about self-care and why it might be the most important thing I’m doing as a parent right now.

When we think about the difference between our good parenting moments and our bad ones, it’s easy to place the blame on our kids’ behavior. We think that what takes us out of our loving, calm state is what triggers us – the meltdowns, the attitude, the sibling fights, the ignoring of our requests. I get it. There’s a lot going on that we would never choose as parents!

However, the real triggers are our own internal landscapes. When we’re emotionally out of sorts, we’re less likely to cope well with the emotional ups and downs that our kids experience. I know personally that when I think of my low points as a mom, they were all at times that I was stressed, tired, too busy and emotionally / spiritually depleted. 

This is why our own self-care is imperative – especially during chaotic times. When we are able to stay regulated, we can become the calm during their storms. This applies to teens as well as toddlers! All we need to do to start is ask:

  • What do I need in my life?

  • What are my self-care essentials?

  • What can I do today that will nurture my body, mind or spirit? 

When we’re physically, emotionally and spiritually on solid ground, it becomes much easier to deal with whatever comes up with our kids. When I take the time to fill myself up, I’m more loving, compassionate and patient with my kids – and with everyone in my life.

Would you be willing to experiment with more self-care this week? What can you add that would fill you up? Experiment to see what shifts your energy. 

Love and light,



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