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It's ok to ease in.

Happy New Year! How are you holding up?

I had intended to give you a friendly reminder that you don’t have to set the world on fire with your new year’s actions. It’s ok to EASE IN.

And then yesterday happened. Any momentum I had certainly went out the window - as I was stopped in my tracks, glued to the TV as I held my breath and prayed for a peaceful resolution.

Just as I was getting grounded again, I was reminded that there is still so much uncertainty in our world. Some of us are still reeling from the events of this past year. Some of us are grieving unexpected and heartbreaking losses. Some of us are sitting in the space between, knowing what we no longer want for ourselves, but unsure of where we want to go.

So, the message remains. Wherever you are on your journey, whatever is going on in your external world, give yourself some grace.

It’s ok to take it slow. It’s ok to ask for what you need. Maybe before you do anything else, you simply need to rest.

We are in the season of winter after all. And winter tells us to slow down. To nurture ourselves. To let go of what we no longer need. To restore so we’ll be ready to restart and renew.

This is where I find myself. Although I'm excited about upcoming projects and changes I want to implement in my life, the truth is that the holidays and the events of this week have left me a bit drained. So I’m allowing myself some time to regenerate before “starting” the new year.

If you find yourself in criticism of how you’ve begun this year, just stop. Be gentle with yourself. Honor what’s right for you. YOU KNOW. Trust your inner compass.

Love and light,



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