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Look around, look around!

A few months ago, I heard a new definition of love that has stayed with me. It went something like this: Love is the experience of witnessing beauty.

Thinking about all the beauty I experience in my life does fill me with love. The more beauty I notice, the fuller I feel.

Notice this in your own life. When you’re AWARE of a beautiful view, a beautiful object or a beautiful moment in your life, it fills you up. As you witness that beauty, you find yourself feeling the vibration of LOVE.

Isn’t that amazing? I never thought of it this way!

What makes this even better is knowing that your energy is shared with those around you. The more love you FEEL, the more love you SHARE, whether you’re conscious of it or not! This can be transformational in so many ways.

As we close out the last few weeks of 2020, may we all be open to witnessing the beauty in our lives. Look around at your life. Take it in. Where do you see beauty?

Love and Light,



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