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Shout out to the magic makers!

The past few weeks, I've been intentionally noticing all the little things I do to make this season special. One day, it suddenly dawned on me that I am a magic maker!

And I know YOU ARE TOO.

I'd like you to take a look around. Notice all the things you do to make this season special. Take a look at your home, the holiday traditions you uphold, the festivities you plan, the celebratory meals you make. Think about what you bring to your friendships, your family, your relationships, your work. All of the special things in your life... you do that. You are a magic maker!

I'd like to invite you to spend a few minutes taking that in. Give yourself credit for all that you do and all that you bring to your life. Pat yourself on the back. You create magic all around you.

I'm not asking you to reflect on this so that you will become resentful for all that you do. If you're feeling resentful, it might mean that you're over-giving. You might need a break or some help from others. Make sure you're taking care of yourself.

I'm just asking you to really take in and appreciate yourself for what you've created in your world.

I'm also inviting you to consider what areas of your life you'd like to bring more beauty, meaning and love into. How can you make your life even more meaningful and more magical? What do you really want to experience in the next few weeks? What about in the next year?

Much love to you and yours this holiday season.

Love and light,



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