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This is not what we wanted!

I've been experimenting lately with my rituals - specifically with using inspirational card decks as a form of guidance. (My two decks are by Kris Carr and Tosha Silver and I love them!) I've been having so much fun with this! Last week, the cards I pulled were titled "Pause" and "Patience", which I thought was interesting since I had a busy week and a long to-do list to tackle.

Within 2 days of pulling these cards, both of my kids were home, quarantined for the rest of the school semester because of 2 separate exposures to Covid. AAAH! Come on, #2020!

Both of my kids are BUMMED. They both have worked so freaking hard to become integral members of their high school and middle school basketball teams, and now they're both missing out on games that feel really important.

It sucks. I'm giving us all the space we need to feel the suckiness of it.

And wow. Patience and Pause certainly showed up in my life in a big way, and I'm so grateful for the reminder.

It's also not lost on me that my inner guidance gave me the message I shared on social media last week, "We don't know what lies ahead and that is a part of the beauty of this life. Just embrace it. Come into the present. Be in the now. Accept whatever comes."

Who knew I'd need this message so soon? I didn't!

I've been aware that when I allow my thoughts to go to what we're all missing out on, I become more upset. And when I come back into the present, I feel like everything is ok. We are all well and have so much to be grateful for. Crazy how those thoughts in our head can take us from one emotional state to another.

So it all exists there together. The suckiness. The acceptance. The feeling of missing out. The knowing that all is well. I know this experience is here for us to serve a purpose. Maybe this is here simply to remind me once again to be in the now - to remember that the now is all there ever is. This is definitely one of the lessons that seems to be repeating itself in 2020.

I hope sharing our story of the week serves you somehow in your life. Is there an area of your life that needs acceptance? Can you become aware of when your thoughts are taking you out of the present moment? Can you come back to the now?

Much love to you and yours as you close out this crazy, unpredictable year.

Love and light,



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