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To-do list got you down?

Do you ever catch yourself feeling stressed and irritable about the things you have to do in your life? Does your to-do list or your weekly schedule put you in a bad mood? Does the holiday season give you more stress than joy?

I shared this concept with the members of my gratitude challenge and I heard back that it was helpful. I wanted to share it again here in hopes that it helps you reimagine your holiday to-do list!

Instead of anxiously anticipating those things we might not enjoy, let’s make a list of the things we GET to do.

Like making kids’ lunches and driving them to their activities. Like sitting in traffic on our way to a job. Like shopping for loved ones and wrapping our gifts. Like preparing meals and making weekend plans.

Can you find some gratitude surrounding the things you “have” to do? What if you no longer got to do those things? Instead of feeling stress, can you appreciate the fact that you GET to do them?

You might also want to reexamine your to-do list. Perhaps there are some things that actually DON’T need to be done. Maybe you can exercise your right to say NO to the things that don’t excite you. Or could you possibly search for ways to make your responsibilities more fun? Get creative! Thinking about gratitude while you get things done is a great way to start.

When we remember that everything in our lives is a gift, our perspective on our responsibilities can drastically shift. You may even find yourself ENJOYING the things you used to dread! How magical would that be?

Love and light,



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