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Who are you listening to?

Are you aware of the incessant chattering of the critical voice that lives in your head? How often does it tell you what you should or shouldn’t be doing? How often does it point out your flaws and mistakes? Does it ever let you relax? Or is it always telling you to do more? If you’re aware of this voice, you’re not alone. Every woman I’ve worked with has an overactive critical voice. To be honest, after years of trying to tame mine, it’s STILL busy all the time! Luckily, I now know how to deal with it, and I’d love to share some ideas with you. If you’re listening to the voice in the head, it’s likely that you’re feeling anxious, fearful, not enough and judged. The energy of the voice in the head feels swirly, panicked and unstable. I can say with certainty that the more you listen to this voice, the more miserable you’ll become. There’s no amount of changing yourself, pushing, striving or achieving that will ever be good enough for that voice. The good news is that the voice you’re hearing is NOT YOU. It’s an aspect of the ego and it doesn’t have to hold power over you. Thankfully, there’s an antidote to the voice in the head, and that’s the voice in the heart. Also called our inner voice, intuition, or inner spirit, the voice in the head is wiser – and a lot nicer – than the voice in the head. This voice is gentle, loving, compassionate, supportive and kind. When you’re connected to the voice of the heart, you know that you’re always loved and supported, and you’re certainly always enough. The energy of this inner voice feels calm, certain, grounded and filled with love. This is the voice that deserves your attention and is ready and waiting to be listened to. We all have the choice to decide which to listen to. Which one is leading the way in your life? Most women I work with have disconnected from the voice of the heart. They’ve been listening to the ego for so long they’ve forgotten that their inner spirit exists. One of my favorite things on earth is teaching them how to tune out the voice in the head and to turn up the volume on the voice in the heart. Letting your heart guide you can make all the difference in your life. Curious to learn more? Schedule a consultation to work with me!


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